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  • These are the secrets that can make you thousands if you know them, or cost you thousands if you don't!
  • They all say "the money is in the list" But is that the whole truth or just part of it? You'll discover the insider hidden knowledge on page 9.
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What People Are Saying

Russ Banister,

"Patrick really knows his stuff. I've been in IM for about six years and STILL learned some hot tips. Especially the counter-intuitive secret he reveals in this report.

Highly recommend the report and can't wait to see more tips and advice from him!"

Galianna Dukacheva, CEO Beauty Secrets Plus

This is fantastic!

My business is experiencing steady growth from all of your teachings. The book is great, but be sure to open this guys emails. Literally the best information I've ever read

Doug Philp,

"I have read the "List Building for Infinite Income" and I like it. You have taken an evergreen Internet marketing subject and done a fantastic job of revealing just how people succeed with email marketing. Good job.

I'm quite familiar with the tools used in email marketing, and you cover them well. However, your focus on specific 'how-to' develop relationship with ones list is the real winner. Few are teaching this and fewer actually apply it in their marketing."

Tom Urbanek CEO

In his no filler, no hype and to the point “List Building For Infinite Income” eBook, Patrick Shelley condenses his 30 years of experience and explains all you need to know to set up a successful list building and email marketing business.

​He even shares such valuable secrets as how you have to proceed so that your list will take care of you forever and why the old saying "The Money Is In The List" is only partially true, and what you must do to get the best results with your list.

If you follow the steps outlined by Patrick you will be able to overcome your information overload and build a real business fast. Highly recommended!"

Dr. Gilberto Rosado,

"In well written, easy to read English, Patrick Shelley points out incontrovertible facts that very few people are talking about online and it flies against what most people are thinking regarding what the most powerful marketing venues are".

Rick Wong, CEO RWN Solutions

"The all in one source for list building, Patrick makes list building simple, I was able to build a highly targeted list using the action steps that he laid out"

  Your EBook Is Absolutely FREE: