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    Discover the #1 secret ​of the millionaire bloggers that can skyrocket your business to success, no matter what kind of niche you're in!

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What People Are Saying


 Claire Koch

 Professional Marketer


There are a half a million free eBooks on the internet you
can download and read. But it’s very rare when you come
across an eBook like this.

When I started reading this book I felt like was traveling back in time. My mind
started remembering the success I was having 19 years ago. The internet was the wild-wild west and the mail order businesses were flocking to it.

Master mind mail order copywriters began putting their knowledge online to learn from. I bought and everything I did following their instructions

Well time goes on and in that time most of these
skilled copywriters and their courses have disappeared.

Don't be sad. There is a new breath of the same fresh advice
arising. The 7 Secrets To Creating A Massively Profitable Blog
gives you the same chance to find the REAL success on the internet
that I had back then.

The book title expresses that there are secrets inside, but these are not ordinary secrets like you see people tooting off on forums and such today.

These are underground secrets back from yesterday and they will set your business on fire. 

There is no way on earth this should be a free book, but it is, so take advantage of it while you still can.

 Joe P.

 Internet Marketer


​​With 82 pages of content, this is very detailed guide which lays out the proper framework to setup and build a successful online business. He also gives you many tips and strategies to help you get started on the right foot and help you avoid many of the pitfalls that a beginner could fall into.

While reading his e-book, I got the impression that Patrick really knows what he is talking about and that he is speaking from experience and not just winging it.

What I really like about what Patrick teaches is that he focuses heavily on giving your customers quality and value, above all else. He explains why this can be the difference in whether or not you succeed. I can say that I have found these factors to be very important in my own business.

I consider myself a cynic, but I can say this was one of the best guides I have read, in quite a while. I recommend following Patrick and paying attention to what he has to say in the future.

 ​Galianna Dukacheva 



This is fantastic!

My business is experiencing steady growth from all of your teachings. The book is amazing, but be sure to open this guys emails. Literally the best information I've ever read

 Heidi Bobal



​One in a thousand.


When I started reading Patrick's report I realized quickly that I had unearthed one of these gems, the one report in a thousand, one that really delivers.


What I like best: Patrick has a gift of saying what's necessary, no more.

Just to the point information. Structured in a logical way.

Here's someone who knows what he wants to say, and knows how to say it.

Not one superfluous word. I love it.


It also is very obvious that Patrick is an expert at what he is writing about, and that he has a real passion for his topic.

And more than that, he has a passion for quality content and giving help and providing enormous value to his readers.


What I liked best:

One, the advice on how to pick your niche. Patrick puts passion first, but he does also not omit monetizing potential, both so very important. I have seen people pushing you towards your passion – and then you end up with a blog that attracts maybe 1000 visitors a month. Because you forgot to consider potential.

And others push you towards monetizing only, and just look at the thousands of useless blogs out there – put up by people who not only know nothing about their topic, but don't give a damn about it either.


Two, the uncompromising way Patrick emphasizes relationship and value.


After going through the report, with such an amount of awesome content for free I feel very confident that anything Patrick has to offer – paid or free – will be the best you can get.

 ​​Russ Banister 



"Patrick really knows his stuff. I've been in IM for about six years and STILL learned some hot tips. Especially the counter-intuitive secret he reveals in this eBook.

​Highly recommend the ​book and can't wait to see more tips and advice from him!"

 ​​Rose Anderson



"I recently read Patrick’s guide, “7 Secrets to Creating a Massively Profitable Blog” and I highly recommend it.

It’s especially impressive since he’s giving it away for free. I’ve paid a lot of money for books of lower value. 

​He walks you step by step through choosing niche, finding the ideal customers and your purpose, how to monetize, and list building. He covers it all and more. Read it and then get busy building your own blogging empire."

 ​Michal Rusek


 ​Web Designer


I read Patrick's eBook and I learned a lot of very important information. My attention attracts the chapter about building relations with a list. This is the key!

I had mailing lists and I made this mistake. Instead firstly building relations I too early sent a link to offer.

​The eBook include the most important steps to an effective online business. Without this step it’s easy to waste money or time.

I am recommending this eBook if you are starting your great online business.

Great eBook :)"

 Lissa Anderson

 SEO Specialist


​I had an opportunity to read Patrick´s eBook, and I must say its pretty helpful especially for beginners or intermediate marketers.
It includes all the necessary steps to take a right decision in a new business, and a lot of mind set hacks to stay motivated!

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